Friday, 20 January 2012

Pakistan is the team to watch out under Misbah

There is no doubt in saying that Pakistan is always a team with lots of talents. Pakistan always a great pool of batsman and some serious fast bowlers in their camp. The biggest problem for Pakistan after legendary Captain Imran khan is that there player weren’t able to united and not performing as a team. Their all players perform very well individually, but as a team they failed to do so. There have been always issues with the team management and senior players. Match fixing scandal has also break the unity of the team.

But recently , Pakistan discover a new sort of energy, they are playing like a team and definitely it’s hard to catch them now. The way the uprooted no. 1 side England in just 3 days show’s their power and authority that they aren’t less than anybody in the cricket world. They don’t have big guns in their line-up apart from veteran Younis Khan, but still they are able to win series after series. They haven’t lost a series in last 7 months and the way they played against England in first test match definitely shows that Pakistan team is emerging in world cricket.

Captain Misbah says that “ the main reason behind Out recent success is that we are playing like a team where every player wants to put up their 100% and there is no sell-fish in the team." The biggest virtue of this team is focus and once you focus on the job in hand, which we have done in the past 18 months, you tend to do well," said Misbah, who has not lost a Test series since taking over in October 2010.Misbah said every player is selfless, quoting an example of the third day in the first Test against England."You can judge the unity by the fact that Abdul Rehman himself came to me and asked to be replaced by Saeed Ajmal so that he (Ajmal) could get the third wicket needed to complete his 10 in the match," Misbah said.

Cricket world and fan’s all expect that Pakistan will play like that and compete with soe top class team in the world because the evolution of Pakistan is great of world cricket as cricket has been playing on only certain countries.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

What The Reasons Behind India Debacle In Australiya

Australia crushed india’s hope of winning their first series down-under with a great display of batting, bowling, and fielding. Before the series, everyone was assuming that it’s the best chance for India to win series against Australia in Australia, but dhoni boy’s failed to come up with expectation.

Indian team lost all six matches they played on foreign soil. Their batsman aren’t scoring runs and bowler aren’t able to take wicket, certainly lot’s of reasons are coming out in this poor performance of team India.

Let’s start with openers, first, Gautam Gambhir is certainly not look in the touch in which he was one or two years back. His technique on playing bouncing and fast pitch has been completely exposed by Australian fast bowler. And if gambhir is down, sehwag remains untouched by the rising storm around the team. He believes he can simply walk in and bring the bowlers to heel. When it works, India will be like a unstoppable tank; when it doesn’t, they become as fragile as a withering flower.

Dravid, the wall, has suddenly found a huge hole in his formidable wall, exposing the middle order to even more danger. Tendulkar’s quest for history is stopping him just a few runs adrift of the 100th ton, and from match-saving knocks if not match-winning ones.

Laxman certainly look like lost his brilliant wrists and classic technique. He has a average of just 21 on foreign soil his his last six matches.

Now, when we look at the bowling department, Zaheer is only one who may still make the ball dance to his tune, but not finding right partner from other sides. Ishant is neither consistent, nor incisive enough to take on the team curse. Ashwin and Umesh are too young to even jump into the battlefield; they may have the weapon but, at the moment, they don’t know which ones to use and when.

That’s leave one man; the captain himself M.S. Dhoni, the captain who make Indian a world champion and no.1 side in test cricket are himself lost his all leadership skill and the ability to score those huge and fast runs with the bat.

Clearly there are so many reasons behind this debacle performance which Indian team have to think about otherwise this type of performance will Continue in future also.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Disappointing Performance by Indian Batsman Put Australia On Top

Australia v India, 2nd Test, Sydney, 1st day:

Ind: 191/10 (Dhoni: 56* , Sachin: 41)
Aus: 116/3 (Ponting:44*, Clarke: 47*)

Yet Again, Another Dismissal Performance by Indian batsman here on sydney . They were beaten by an excellent bowling performance from Australia's three fast men, Pattinson, Ben Hilfenhaus and Peter Siddle, who between them collected all ten wickets. It's Another Example of Indian batting failure which is consistently failing on foreign soil since their last England tour . 

Indian Team able to just single time to score 300 or more on foreign soil. Apart from tendulkar no one one have a answer of Australia three fast bowler. If all goes like this, we should have to ready another whitewash , 4-0 again!!!. 

Friday, 30 December 2011

Sachin – An Ordinary Batsman

Tendulkar is regarded as a best batsman in the world playing right now and treated as a god in the cricket world. Bradman once called about him that he find his shadow in tendulkar batting. Dozen’s of records are running behind him in every format of cricket but according to the Australian pace bowler siddle, tendulkar is just like any other ordinary batsman.

Siddle said in post match media conference that tendulkar is not so much threat to him and Australian side. He said that tendulkar is just like any other ordinary batsman and anyone can take his wicket. Siddle who takes the wicket of tendulkar both the times in the first test match played at Melbourne said that this time he get him out , pattinsen and helpfina could be next one. He said that there is no mystery or extra effort to get rid of tendulkar, you have to bowl him just good line and length.

So the million dollars question is that is it true? Is Tendulkar wicket is so cheap like any other batsman. There was a time when any bowler in the world was dreaming to get out tendulkar at least for one time. Most of the bowlers accepted that tendulkar is the batsman to whom they fear most . So what happens now? Is all his lendendary gone , is he just like a simple batsman.

If we look at the stats it shows that siddle is right to some extent , tendulkar is just scored a single hundred in test matches in year 2011. Just one hundred from the class of batsman sachin is truly not acceptable. It’s been for six months now, people and media constantly telling about his 100th test century , but tendulkar is failed to come up to the expectation. Every time he got the start, but somehow in the middle of the innings he goes into the shell and finally lost his wicket.

So is his days gone? I personally don’t think so, his technique is same as it was earlier . He is middling the bowl very well and most importantely getting the start in almost every match. It’s a matter of only one innings, one big innings to boost his confidence and shows the world that god and always god.
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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Name is Khan – Zaheer Khan

He has been the truly the best bowler in the country for nearly 5 years now. His accuracy, line and length and not to forget his long experience made him the best bowler in the country. He might have not the pace of Dale Steyn, and line length of legendary Australian bowler Glenn Mcgracth, but certainly his ability to picking up wicket at crucial moment makes him a great bowler India every produced. It’s only because of Zaheer bowling India able to manage victories in the overseas, and also dead Indian wicket. His late reverse swing bowling is certainly the nightmare for most of the batsman all over the world.

Zak, Pronounced by most of his team-mates is certainly leading the india fast bowling attack on his strong shoulders for so many years. It’s his Unluck or what, he never find a trusted parter along him. Ishant, Shreesanth, Praveen or young Umesh always shows sign of great bowler’s but they all are pretty in-consistent in their Carriers and Fitness. They All depends on wickets, grounds, weather, moisture which is certainly not good for great bowlers in making.

Zaheer also have lot’s of injury throughout it’s career because of that india suffers a lot especially in overseas condition. India recent England tour is a great example of that how india team suffers without Zaheer. In All Test Matchers Indian bowlers suffers to take full 20 wickets which shows how far we are lacking in terms of fast bowling department. Especially in test cricket where you have to be best in order to take a single wicket. Umesh, Aaron definetly showing the sign of good fast bowler but there is still long way to go for them in terms of accuracy and line and length.

Indian team is in Australian tour right now and as all cricket expert are betting on Zaheer Khan that his performance in the series will decide the outcome of the series. Zaheer Khan is on rest and out of Cricket ground for more than three months and looking ahead of this great series. Indian Captain M S Dhoni and Coach Fletcher Also gave the indication that Zaheer Fitness is Crucial for india in this much hype series. First of four matches series is in progress right now and zaheer already picks up four important wicket in this series and he shows that in what frame of mind he comes in this series.

So All Indian fans  expect this time around that Zaheer Will Complete this Aussis Tour on very high not with full of wickets in his baggy. 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's All Clear Before Giant's Battle on Boxing Day.

India chance to change history

Is it all clear before giants battle on boxing day.  Indian captain ms dhoni who had got repeated question from the media about ishant & Zaheer fitness says that " on our part, we gave them time off, put them through training and gym sessions to make sure that they don't pull up short. we are hope that they will be able to fire.

it's no doubt, this is India best chance to solve the mystery called Australia, Australia team are in a state of transition ad demoralized to their recent losses. their key players are injured, definitely this aussies side neither has the aura nor, prosbably, the wherewithal to intimidate or overwhelm India.

it's a type of series that India can lose only if they choose too. there is a question always hanging in dhoni mind about zaheer ad ishant fitness , will they ca bowl with enough fire power.  ashwin, yadav are still very raw to handle the presence to lead the fight on their own. in terms of batting, india batting complete collapse in their England tour, but this time around they all eager to score runs.

but the question remains’ the same, can India done this time around?